Carpet is an extremely popular choice, accounting for more US sales of floor covering than all other floor types combined. It’s still the most economical way to breathe new life into an old room. There are basically two types of carpet: cut pile and level loop, each having many styles to choose from within their given category.

Carpet Options

Types of cut pile include:

  • Plush: for an even, smooth texture with a more formal appearance.
  • Saxony: a smooth finish with fibers that are longer and twisted to give each one more body. It’s popular, but longer fibers also mean that footprints linger and furniture creates dents.
  • Textured cut pile: fibers of uneven lengths create a rougher surface texture, minimizing footprints and vacuum marks.
  • Frieze carpet: long fibers, usually with a better twist, give it resiliency and strength. It’s not the best choice for high traffic areas, as it tends to lay down when walked on too much; a quick vacuuming will bring it back to life. In its most extreme form, this is known as shag carpet.
  • Cable: long, thick fibers make it comfortable underfoot.
  • Cut & Loop: A combination of both cut pile carpet and loop pile carpet in the same product. This makes for some of the nicest-looking level cut loop (LCL) patterns.

Types of loop pile include:

  • Berber: features short loops that stand up well in high traffic areas. Some have a straight, basic loop appearance while others feature patterns and multi-colors.
  • Multi-level loops: the tops of the loops vary in height to give a patterned texture.
  • Commercial level loops: a much smaller and tighter loop structure, designed for wear and durability.


Types of carpet fibers include:

  • Nylon: the most popular; durable and resistant to wear. It doesn’t fight stains well, but most varieties include a stain-resistant treatment such as StainMaster, Scotchgard or R2X.
  • Olefin: resistant to moisture, mold, and mildew; makes a good choice for basements and outdoors. It’s used in many commercial loop carpets for its stain resistance and color through structure.
  • Polyester: a great alternative to nylon with beautiful, vibrant colors. It’s often labeled as less strong than nylon, but today’s manufacturing has made that concern a thing of the past.
  • Wool: the premier carpeting, and the only natural fiber made into carpets. It’s durable and stain-resistant, and is an eco-friendly floor covering.

Name-brand fibers & collections include:

  • Shaw: Anso Originals, Anso Living, Anso Nylon Colorwall, Soft Shades, Caress, Caress Patterns, Life Happens, St. Jude, Tru Accents, Philadelphia Commercial
  • Mohawk: SmartStrand, SmartStrand Silk, Wear-Dated, EverStrand, PermaStrand, Aladdin Commercial
  • Beaulieu: EverClean, Family Favorites, Healthy Touch, Hollytex Commercial, Indulgence, Magic Fresh, Perfection, Stylish Beauty, Wool Inspiration
  • StainMaster: Pet Protect, LiveWell, TruSoft, Active Family, Essentials

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